Honda Civic Type R: Less About Fun More About Weight

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While some people were not happy that the Honda Civic Type R only came with a manual transmission, purist was ecstatic that Honda decided to keep the Type R that way. Honda was applauded for standing up for stick drivers but Honda has now revealed that fun wasn’t the main reason why they choose to ignore the automatic transmission.

When talking to Car Advice, Honda reveals that they did consider offering an auto transmission or DSG so that the Type R could appeal to more people but in the end, they went for the six-speed manual transmission the only option because the other would have weighed the Type R down.

Honda explained saying that the engine was already a little too heavy and that they needed the transmission to be light so that they can balance things out and ensure the vehicle remains powerful. Adding in the auto or DSG would have been too much for the Type R and that was one of the reasons why they choose to only offer the stick.

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