Honda Civic Type R Facelift Continues To Fake It

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The Honda Civic Type R was just given a new design not too long ago so it was a surprise that Honda would actually want to give it a facelift so soon. The prototype was spotted in Europe and while on a first glance, it might look identical to the current model, they did make a few changes to the Type R.

The air intakes have clearly been modified. Honda also made some styling changes on the outside. In the back, the bumper has been modified. Another prototype showed a smaller rear wing fitted in the back.

The rest of the vehicle looked the same but some believe that we might see some changes on the inside. As for the engine, that should remain the same as well. While we are glad that Honda plans to give the new Type R a minor update, the fans were not happy that they still choose to keep the fake plastic vents around.

Overall, if you liked the new design, you probably won’t have any issue with the changes made here.

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