Honda Aims For S2000 To Follow After Civic Type-R, Acura NSX

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We have been hearing plenty of rumours about the Honda S2000 roadster and the fact that it may be making a comeback at some point in the future. Now a new report has brought it closer to becoming a reality as we have heard that it will be revealed next year of the 70th anniversary of Honda and the vehicle will follow on from the Civic Type-R and Acura NSX as part of a three halo car strategy.

It was said that originally the S2000 roadster would have the 2 litre turbocharged engine of the Type R. Now a new report suggests that Honda may have scrapped this in favour of a new motor.

Now we are hearing that the S2000 may have a two stage electric boost system along with a turbocharged engine with electrically powered supercharger. This is a setup that is lighter and much more compact than the twin-turbo setup, along with being more efficient and almost completely getting rid of turbo lag.

We also believe that the S2000 is going to arrive with a chassis that is unique and which underpins the NSX. Of course right now we don’t have confirmation of this so you should take it all with a pinch of salt.