2016 Honda Accord Too Fugly For A Reboot?

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The 2016 Honda Accord is without a doubt a well rounded sedan however while it may be an upgrade over the previous generation, the folks over at Proton, Malaysia’s national automaker, don’t believer it will be enough to drive sales.

Proton, the manufacturer behind the Lotus brand, had badged the previous Honda Accord as their own and sold it under the name Proton Perdana. However the low sales volume has now them looking at some other platform or their own vehicle from scratch based on the leaked photographs we’ve seen so far.

This is quite surprising given that purchasing an actual Honda Accord in Malaysia would cost almost twice as much due to the import duties on foreign vehicles. That said we can’t argue with the very disappointing number of Proton Perdanas on the road – which we can only assume Proton blames on the subtle design styling of the Honda Accord and not its exceptional build quality.

We will keep you posted as more develops. But do you think Proton is making the right move here with ditching the Honda Accord as the platform for its flagship sedan?

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