Honda Accord Could Borrow SH-AWD From The Honda Acura

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When it comes to sales the Honda Accord has seen some trouble as the vehicle saw a dip in the sales figures during the past few months. Some analysts have put all the blame on the new Honda Civic, which has trespassed onto the territory of the Honda Accord.

Analysts have said that the Honda Civic is just one inch smaller size wise, to the Honda Accord and it come with a price tag that is cheaper. The Honda Civic is lighter than the Accord and the 1.5 litre turbocharged engine offers up greater power along with having better fuel economy.

It would make sense for people to go out and buy the Honda Civic instead of the Honda Accord. This is due to the fact that the Accord isn’t appealing anymore. However Honda did tease that with the next version of the Honda Accord, some unique offerings are heading our way.

They haven’t made the details known, however it is thought that the new version of the Honda Accord is going to borrow the SH-AWD drivetrain from the Honda Acura. If so then we can expect the Honda Accord to offer up a drive that is appealing and one which the Civic couldn’t offer.

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