Honda Accord And Toyota Camry Both Offered Sporty Looks

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The Toyota Camry along with the Honda Accord are two vehicles that have been treated to new looks and we recently saw then in renderings online. Both of the vehicles may well have been designed by the same designer as they share a lot of the same features.

The Toyota Camry render showed off the handset in red and this is a colour that really suits it. We couldn’t see what colour the Honda Accord was but the silhouette was very interesting.

When looking at the render along with the camouflaged vehicle you might believe that both vehicles are from the same designer and car maker. The wheels look alike, the lines on both vehicles look similar, the front headlights look the same and both share the same shape.

Even the slope of the bonnet on both vehicles look very much the same, along with the slope of the windscreen. The wing mirrors also look alike, while the roofline looks similar, the front side window and the back slope of the vehicles.

Take a look at the above render of the Toyota Camry and see if you agree that it looks almost the same design of that of the Honda Accord.

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