Honda Accord And 2018 Toyota Camry Both Offer Sporty Looks

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Both the Honda Accord and the 2018 Toyota Camry have been treated to a makeover and they both come with sporty looks. We have seen a render and while the Accord was kept under wraps, we saw the red paintwork and it looked superb. What we did notice was that both of the vehicles seemed to have been designed by the same designer.

The Toyota Camry in red looked stunning and it does suit the vehicle a great deal. The Honda Accord was covered in camouflage but the silhouette was very interesting.

The render and the camouflaged vehicle could have been said to be from the same designer as you could see that the wheels are much alike, the front of the vehicle, the front headlights and the shape of the vehicle.

The vehicles bonnet slope look to be the same, so does the sloping windscreen, the wing mirrors, roofline, front side window and the back slope also seem to be the same.

But what do you think about the render of the Toyota Camry, do you think it offers the same design as the Honda Accord?

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