Hitman: PC vs PS4 Graphics Are Too Different

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Having experienced the gorgeously pristine image quality of the Hitman game on PS4, you’d want to find out for yourself if the PC version is just as good. Here, we’ll go pretty briefly into what you can expect between the differences of these two in comparison. Pretty sure you’ll have the answer in the back of your mind, but let’s just go through to see if you should think otherwise.

We’ve got to give awesome props to the PS4 version of Hitman first. It’s native resolution of 1080p really played a large part in providing crisp images and though the beta version of it runs a little to the downside sometimes, it’s still a pretty good gaming experience to have you totally immersed.

But what reviewers found out was that Hitman is a game that desperately needs optimisation. And the PC version of it also need two things desperately; a frame rate capper, and revamped graphical options. The PC version is good enough since there’s the extra layer of refinement on the PC due to extra samples it can utilize, shadows and textures are crispier, so the PC definitely supports better texture filtering.

They might be slightly different from one another, but their goal is still the same: in order to provide the gaming experience for fans to enjoy. Which version do you prefer and why?

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