Hitman On PS4 And PC: Which Came Out Better?

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The PS4 version of the Hitman came out leaving everyone (not literally) breathless, and the beta version of it wasn’t all that bad too. But then the PC version of it came along and people have been starting to compare the both of them to see which actually fared better than the other. We take a brief look into them in the form of a review below.

You probably shouldn’t be expecting too much of options being offered, though you could get to adjust the shadow resolution, shadow maps, anti-aliasing up to SMAA, and these are just the few that features being offered. It’s pretty exciting but it gets even more so when you notice the addition of super sampling. That’s because you’ll be able to slide the images up and down to make blurry or you’ll be prone to face some performance issues on your hardware.

We’ve kind of concluded that the PC version of the Hitman isn’t looking to be a very scale-able game since it’s got some very limited set of graphical parameters. But then again, you could always cap the frame rate of the beta, if you follow closely to these instructions. A little disclaimer is that you’re going to have to use it at your own risk since we’re not sure how reliable it may be.

Well, for now it’s probably safe to say that the differences between both the PS4 and the PC’s version differs from one another. It also seems that the extra samples the PC utilizes offer an extra layer of refinement, and textures and shadows are seemingly crisper due to the PC’s texture filtering that’s better in every sense.

Did you think that the PC version of Hitman was better than the one on the PS4?

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