Hitman 2 Official: What We Know Now

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Well, we can stop speculating about Hitman 2 now as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment decided to announce it during a pre-E3 stream on their site this week.

Besides announcing the game, they also revealed some additional details about the upcoming game. As expected, the new game will come in as a direct sequel to Hitman but unlike that game, Hitman 2 will get its story all at once on the day it is launch.

Fans can still expect to see new DLCs coming after the released but at least the game won’t be broken up into pieces now. According to the publisher, the game will feature a “hyper-detailed sandboxes full of living, breathing environments” suggesting that the environment would play a huge role in the new game.

There will also be a new co-op mode called Sniper Assassin where you can work together with another player to take down targets. The mode is available now for those that pre-ordered the game.

The game will be released on the 13th of November or the 9th of November depending on which edition you got.

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