Hideo Kojima Next Game Will Be A Horror Game!

Hideo Kojima is known for making some of the best horror games out there. Even his short Silent Hill playable trailer was considered one of the best horror games out there so we can imagine how excited the fans feel when it was announced that the next game by Kojima will be a horror game.

According to Hideo Kojima, he wanted the game to be so scary that the players will poop in their plans and not just pee. He said that he wants to make another horror game and already have some ideas in mind.

While he liked what he did with P.T, he also said that he won’t be able to reused that as it is a one-off thing but he is confident that he will be able to create something even more terrifying as he said that he gets frightened easily himself and he knows what makes people scared.

Of course, this does not tell us when we will be seeing the game but that does not mean we are not excited.