Here’s Why We Need The Suzuki Alto Works Back On Track

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The underrated, small but compact Suzuki Alto Works has had many fans insisting for a comeback, after what seems like forever. And for that reason, it would definitely be a thrill to be driving one of these hatchbacks again, but guess what, they are now back in production!

So, what’s so special about this car that gets people talking about it? The Alto Works is actually pretty appealing; a tiny Kei car which rides on a 97-inch wheelbase and weighs only less than 1,350 pounds, and now sports a more squared-off, industrial design. While the previous version had a rounded styling, which makes it cuter, the new one looks much more practical.

And if you’re wondering about the price tag for the Alto Works, it’s 1,509,840 yen, but after conversion it’s only $12,500! Pretty reasonable for a pretty car, isn’t it? Regardless, we surely hope that Suzuki would have a better market this year, as there’s really no denying that they do produce some of the hatchbacks in town.

Do you like the new Suzuki Alto Works?

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