Here’s Why The Legend Of Zelda Is Dumb

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Nah, we don’t mean that the game’s going to suck long time. It’s just that the silence revolving around The Legend of Zelda has been overwhelming, since they have always been shy in the voice-acting aspect of the gameplay.

People have been begging and insisting for it to un-mute itself, but it has really come to no avail. Nintendo gave a thorough explanation on why they chose to keep the game silent since its inception, and how they are not going to change their minds anytime soon. Here’s what the producer Eiji Aonuma got to say in regards to the silencing treatment:

“We’ve had a lot of requests from fans to hear [Link’s] voice, and while in some ways I do feel that it could be good to have a game where he speaks, part of me also feels that that air of proud independence he has because he doesn’t speak is a precious part of the individuality of his character. I want to think long and hard about whether changing that would be for the better or not before I make any decision.”

So would that be slightly convincing that he’s hinting on a possibility for a change? Highly unlikely. Regardless, we bet it’s still going to be one of the bestselling games of all-time even though Link wouldn’t be speaking anytime soon.

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