Here’s What You Can Do To Fix The 2015 Honda CR-V’s Vibration Issue

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Seems like the 2016 Honda CR-V has a tendency to vibrate. And owners would have to make a little sacrifice if they want the problem to be fixed.

Owners of the Honda CR-V have been reporting that the car would unknowingly vibrate without any apparent reason. While it is not serious, the owners said that the vibration is definitely noticeable and that it can be quite annoying to live with.

In some cases, the vibration will stop once you turn the climate control on or off while, in other cases, the owners reported that the vibration went away when the stereo is switched off.

If all those does not work, Honda does have a fix that will significantly reduce the vibration but it will cost the driver a little bit of their fuel efficiency. The fix includes changing the radiator and transmission mounts as well as remapping the transmission shift patterns getting a rear tailgate vibration damper installed.

Have you had any vibration problems with your CR-V, or other problems for that matter?

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