Here’s What You Can Do To Customize Your Android & iOS Lock Screens

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Ever wondered how you could spice up things a little on your boring-looking lock screen of your phone? You no longer have to be tapping on those familiar buttons to get your phone unlocked via that passcode of yours, because, it’s really time for a change; embrace the unfamiliarity.

For those who are using Android phones, you could do a whole lot of things to your lock screen, whereby you could tweak them however you want. Perhaps you could start off with the basics: open Settings > Security, and you can add a message to your lock screen.

Or you could go into Sound & Notification to select whichever alerts you’d like to appear on your lock screen too. Alternatively, you could transform that lock screen by installing a third-part app like Defumblr, which functions to show you the most useful information first.

When it comes to the iOS, you probably can’t do as much as the Android phones, but you are still able to customize it to a certain extent. The most basic hack you could do on your iPhone is to head to the Touch ID & Passcode section inside of Settings, and toggle accordingly. You could add in some emergency contact details by going to the Medical ID tab in the Health app.

And let’s not even begin with the Wallpapers function that you can set for both your home and lock screens, with whatever picture you wish you have it up. Besides that, you could always change your Notifications settings depending on which alerts you’d want to show up on the lock screen. But as much as we’d like to recommend you to install third-party apps for lock screen customization, there really isn’t any out there at the moment.

For what it’s worth, just try whatever that could work on your phone to see which customizations you’d prefer best. Let us know your thoughts after that.

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