Here’s What The Samsung Galaxy S7 Will Look Like If All Rumours Are True (Concept)

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Samsung has been doing quite a good job at being tight-lipped about their upcoming flagship smartphone. Although the Galaxy S7 isn’t particularly talked-about in the rumour hill lately, one thing’s for sure: it’s still going to be released next year and will likely be announced at a Samsung event or at the Mobile World Congress.

But if you aren’t too keen on finding out the official date, you might be interested in something else: a concept design of the phone that’s made if (and only if) all of the rumours are true. And we’ve got to admit, it looks pretty good, though we have to bear in mind that the S7 is highly unlikely going to look anything like that.

Like most concept phones, Martin Hajek/ has shown off everything in one cool video too. Though the only thing missing from the entire coolness is an employee talking in the background about all the amazing features it will have. Well, after all, it’s just a concept phone, so probably they didn’t get too serious about it.

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