Here Is Another Reason To Love Japan: More Outdated Dream Cars…

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“And it looks like a garage fitting to a Yakuza boss,” says one Reddit user. Well, we couldn’t agree more.

The picture above is clearly another reason for us all to fall in love with the Land of the Rising Sun. It’s the birthplace of cute animes, games, gadgets and even sweet rides. And the Internet is another place where we can view it all simultaneously; everyone from everywhere in the world can access to this picture (taken from Reddit) despite not even having an existing Reddit account.

It all happened when a user snapped a picture of a random garage in Tokyo, and uploaded it on the Net for all to share. There’s a sweet-looking 80s Lincoln Town Car, two Countaches and an F50. Now, we wouldn’t even want to think twice if we could swap positions with that user at that moment of time. If only we could be there and be mesmerized…

Well, check out the entire forum here and you’ll know how lovable these cars are to the citizens of the Internet.

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