Here Are Some LG V10 Hidden Features You Never Knew Existed

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There’s no denying the fact that the LG V10 is arguably one of the most popular Android smartphones in the market at the moment. With the ability to capture the widest and sharpest of images (when compared with iPhone 6S Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 5), great for texting and a large screen, there’s almost no reason for you not to like the phone.

But if you think you already knew everything there is to know about the V10, think again. These few tips and tricks that you’re going to come across would get you wondering why you haven’t been exploring the phone enough. That’s alright, though, as these could be overlooked sometimes. Without further ado, have a look at these tips and see if it’ll suit your needs:

LG V10 Settings: While the LG V10 shows Settings inside of 4 tabs, you can actually revert it back to show all as a list.

LG V10 Easy Mode: If you’re new to Android phones, then this would be ideal for you. You might actually find LG V10 a little daunting, but not anymore all thanks to the ability to set your phone into Easy Mode. This simplifies everything and even increases the font size too.

LG V10 customization: What you can do here is the ability to swap the colours of the navigation buttons as well as their design.

LG V10 IR blaster: You can actually use your LG V10 as a TV remote control thanks to the built-in IR blaster.

Double tap launch: Here you can launch specific apps on your LG V10 by simply double-tapping the volume button.

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