Hearthstone Fans Getting Pushed Into A Corner With New Expansion

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To keep things fresh and exciting, Blizzard continues to release a new expansion pack for the Hearthstone players. While we do like the fact that they have been keeping things new and exciting for the fans, we are also shocked by how much they are expecting their fans to spent on the new expansion.

To be honest, we all saw this coming. With every new expansion, Blizzard continues to up the stakes. Let’s start with the price of the packs. Two packs on its own will cost players $2.99 but they can opt to get 50 packs for $49.99. While that will save them a lot, it is still not a small amount.

Players were not the only surprised by the amount of money they need to spend to work their magic with the pack but they were also unhappy with the number of free cars given.

In the past, players can get up to 13 free packs to start with. With the new expansion, players are only given 3 although they can get another 5 in the weeks before the launch of the expansion.

Some fans also reported that they were getting a lot of repeated epics and rares cards. Some people think it might be a bug since that did happen in the past but Blizzard has come out to say that it is not a bug. Maybe they were just unlucky.

Players are already started to feel the pinch each time a new deck comes out and if this goes on, Hearthstone might start losing some of their fans to other cards games like Shadowverse, Gwent and more.

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