Study Finds Big Muscle ‘Bank’ Can Be Activated When Old

We’ve all heard in the past that if you don’t maintain your muscular physique, the tissues will shrink and your hard work eventually lost. However a new study currently published in Frontiers in Physiology, suggests otherwise.

The review suggests that individuals can build a muscle ‘bank’ when they are young that can later be ‘cashed out’ at old age. Modern lab techniques showed that nuclei obtained during training persists even after the muscle cells shrink from non-use. What this basically means is that if you were going hard during your fitness training sessions when you were young and took advantage of your youth to build big biceps, quads and glutes, you can regroup these lost muscles later on by reversing the shrinking process.

This also suggests that athletes who had engaged in steroids at a younger age but weened off it as they got older, still have those nuclei gains and can ‘cheat’ into growing back their muscles without steroid detection.

Abuse aside, the good news is that if you build a muscle bank when you are young, the investment would pay off at an older age when you re-train. This prevents not only frailty in old age but increases your likelihood of being buff despite the normal side effects of aging with muscle degradation.

So if you’re still able to build muscle, this suggests going hard now and not thinking how you can keep up such a tough and time consuming fitness regime, is the best way to go for a healthy body today.