Has Samsung Lost Peoples Faith

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Samsung has finally told us what caused the batteries of some Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to explode. They said they had used different parts manufacturers for some of the different components in the handsets.

Samsung chose to use two different builders on the construction of the battery and both the builders built defects into the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery and this caused issues with the batteries that led to them catching fire.

Samsung apologized about the issue and they have said that they are going to ensure that any upcoming handsets will be hazard free. The reputation of the phone maker has been tarnished by the incident with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and now they have to build back the trust of people, but will it be too late.

There are many people who were disappointed with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and some are afraid that the same may happen again. A poll was recently taken and it showed that 72% of the 602 people who responded said that they would give the phone maker a second chance.

11% said that they wouldn’t touch another handset from Samsung again. We find the results surprising as we would have thought that the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would have put many more people off.

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