Hang On For Microsoft Surface 5 Or Go For Surface Pro 4?

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The Surface Book and Microsoft Surface Pro are two superb devices but we now hear that the Microsoft Surface 5 is coming our way. So should you hang on and wait for it or go with the Surface 5 or Pro 4?

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 comes with great looks and there is a patent for a new stylus that is going to be rechargeable and have a magnetic connection.

But is there going to be anything else that comes with the Microsoft Surface Pro 5? If the stylus is going to be the only change then people may not find it worth it to upgrade. The Surface Pro offers a stylus but it cannot be recharged.

We have been hearing a great deal of hype about the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and the device may offer a great deal if it comes with more changes than just to the stylus.