Halo: MCC Microsoft Already Have Fix Ready For Many Issues

A hotfix for Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be ready soon as the developer 343 Industries reported that most of the major issues have been fixed and that it would not be long before a hotfix is ready.

With Halo 2 Anniversary getting add to the Master Chief Collection, a lot of players reported bugs with the Xbox One version of the game. According to 343, they already have created fixes for three of the biggest issue like ht projectile physics, match stability in Halo 3a and Halo 3 crashes on the Valhalla map.

The hotfix should not be too far off now as 343 will now have to work on certifying the update for release. 343 also added that fans should stop yelling at them as before the update was released, 343 have already warned players that some issues and bugs might appear.

Halo fans can also look forward to learning more about the next Halo game at Xbox 20/20 happening this July.