Halo: MCC & Halo 5 Makes Things Fun For Players That Are Staying Indoors

Many people are staying indoors now amid the COVID-19 crises and game developers are looking to make things a little more fun for the fans by offering some special bonuses.

Microsoft have also announce that they will be unlocking double XP for both Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo 5. On top of getting some extra XP, those that log in to Halo 5 will get some free XP boost packs for Arena and Warzone every week.

Verizon has recently announced that gaming usage is up 75% due to the social distancing protocols where people are staying at home more and looking for things to do. Microsoft has also announced that their Xbox Live usage has spiked as people are staying at home more.

So if you are looking to something to dive back into while you sit at home, maybe consider Halo.