Halo Infinite: Toy Announcement Came Before Game!

The new Halo Infinite game will be released on the Xbox Series X console when it arrives and while we have not seen gameplay footage yet, it looks like the toys are ready to be announced.

Hasbro has already gone ahead to announce the new Nerf blasters this week but they are not the only toy company that is eager to announce what they have. Mega Construx has also announced their new set based on Halo Infinite. They release a teaser image this week showing some shadowy images but fans figured out that it was probably Warthog, Mongoose, and Pelican.

Wicked Cool Toys will also be working on some new toys based on Halo Infinite. Some of these toys will be revealed at the New York Toy Fair happening this weekend. As for the Halo Infinite game, we will be learning more about it in June at E3 2020.

Halo Infinite will be released on PC and Xbox One.