Halo: Gravemind Can Be Put To Rest Now

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As we are getting closer and closer to E3 2017, we are expecting to hear more about some of the games that might be making an appearance at the event. Earlier this week, there were rumors suggesting that we might see a new Halo game called Gravemind at the event but it looks like we can put that rumor to rest now.

Soon after the “leak” Halo franchise development director responded by saying that the Gravemind leak is fake new. He added that the images were photoshopped. Well, the person that did that really put a lot of effort into photoshopping the images because it does look genuine.

We know that Microsoft will have something Halo related at the E3 event but they have also confirmed that the Halo 6 will not be appearing. Microsoft briefing will be on the 12th of June at 2 pm PT. The show is going to be longer this year and many believe that that is because Microsoft has more games to offer this year.

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