Halo: Forget About It For Now

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Fans of the game are hoping that 343 Industries will continue pumping out new Halo game but it looks like we can forget about seeing that happening anytime soon as the studio reveal their plans or lack of plans for the Halo franchise.

According to 343 Industries, they won’t be talking about a Halo title for some time which means we can forget about seeing anything from the franchise this year. This statement was made to clarify the rumour about a Halo Remake coming in this year.

Some fans are hoping that 343 Industries meant next year when they said sometime but we think that we might have to wait a little longer than that. Now that Halo is out for the picture for this year, what else are you hoping to hear about this year?

Besides talking about Halo, they also talked about what they think of the Xbox One X. So far, they sound pretty happy with what the Xbox One X has to offer.

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