Halo 4 Review Roundup: The People Have Spoken!

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Today is the day for the launch of Halo 4 which fans of the Xbox 360 have been waiting for. Details were published yesterday about the Halo 4 launch parties and now that the big day has arrived, reviews with scores have arrived also, which fans expected.

Halo 4 review roundup

Everywhere on the internet you can find photos and videos of Halo 4, along with unboxings. The multiple Halo 4 reviews already posted are also showing that the game has gotten the maximum amount of marks, based on how good different factors of the game happen to be. Some of the reviews are very positive and readers may be interested to find out the maximum scores given by Gaming Age, NZ Gamer and Game Revolution. All of these reviews give fans a great insight into what to expect from Halo 4 in regards to gameplay, sound and graphics.

IGN however gave the game less than a perfect review, noting that Master Chief has a lot that has to be lived up to in the game and Forward Unto Fawn is unfamiliar while at the same time familiar. The person giving the review said that multi-player was balanced, and the game had great sound and pace along with presentation, however they said that it wasn’t perfect.

The most negative review came from EGM, who scored the game at just 7 out of 10. They said it was let down by representation, as it was the same as fans have known for many years.

So what do you think about Halo 4? Do you agree with EGM or are you on the side of Gaming Age?

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