Halo 4 A Mistake, Halo 5 For Xbox 720 Will Be “Genuinely Amazing”

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Halo 4 was called a bold rebirth; however birth has never been free of complications, or tidy. The developers of the game did make some mistakes and has now admitted this reports OXM, but still insists that by most of the objective criteria, the game has been a success.

Halo 4 mistakes won’t be repeated in Halo 5

He said that 2012 was when the world was supposed to end. Instead it became the beginning. Halo 4, even though it was the 7th or 8th game in the series of Halo, depending on how you look at it, was their first game. By this he means the first fully fledged game which had been built up from the ground technologically and creatively.

There is a lot to learn and mistakes were made, however this has been recognised and there is no point in spending the first minutes of a new year thinking about all the negatives of the past, the developer is proud of the game and the team that created it. He went on to say that as this was their first effort, it wasn’t all that bad.

He went on to talk about the problems of following in the footsteps of Bungie, while at the same time building up the development studio from rock bottom. He said that wrangling the engine had been a challenge and the community and universe were dizzying. The challenge of starting up a development team four years ago had been terrifying, along with the thought of creating a sequel to Halo.

Despite this he believes that 343 have been able to deliver, against all odds. Halo 4 has been one of the fastest selling games, along with being the best, in the series of Halo. It has won awards, including Game of the Year and Best Graphics. The engine was altered, the universe expanded and storytelling, along with technology and marketing have been innovated.

Of course this wasn’t without issues, but when it came to objective criteria, the game was a great success and the developers now know what they have to do, along with learning a lot. They have the tech, capacity and teamwork, along with the experience, to be able to do a lot better next time.

He went on to say that looking back there were many things that could have been done better. He said that some features were not seen in the final game, glitches came out and missteps had been made, along with communication breakdowns.

However some things went very well, one of which was the creation of a competitive AAA studio chief.  All in all it brought together some very talented people who can do something amazing on the current and next generation hardware. The engine needed to be overhauled, and this coupled with systems, people, coding and an audience, will ensure that they stand in good stead for 2013 and beyond.

O`Connor said that the rejuvenation, along with the expansion of the community at Halo, was very important to their success and he went on to describe it as being demanding, engaging and intelligent swarms of groups and individuals, each having different interest in the vast universe that they were charged with.

He finished by saying that he wasn’t pandering and people pay to play the game and so that means they have the rights to have a voice when it comes to the development. As for Halo 5, it should be “genuinely amazing”, said OXM.

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