Half Life 3: What Fans Want Out Of It

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One of the reasons why fans have been begging Valve for the third installment of Half-Life was because there was never an ending to the story. At the end of Half-Life 2, Valve hinted that there could be more but then nothing came after that.

If Valve does decide to develop the game, what story or plot do you think they should focus on? Most fans do what to know what happens to all the characters in the game like Gordon, Alyx, Barney, Judith and the others.

Others would want to see the Combine stop for good. Valve also failed to reveal who was G-Man so that is also a huge mystery that the fans were hoping would be resolved in the third game.

Also, we were never told of Lamarr’s fate. Fans would probably like to know if Lamarr is dead or alive. What do you think?

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