Half Life 3 Music Score Allegedly Leaked

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We know that Deadmau5 had worked with Valve in the past so we would not be surprised if some of the soundtracks for Half-Life 3 we created by Deadmau5 as well.

Fans recently came across the new music by Deadmau5 that many believe could be the soundtrack for the highly requested Half-Life 3 game. The music does sound like it will fit right into the Half-Life 3 game.

Deadmau5 did mention once that his new album, Entropy will be an OST for something that has not been announced yet and some fans are beginning to believe that it might be Half Life 3 after listening to the new music.

Of course, this could be another case of the fans reading too much into things. Despite all the rumors and speculations, there is currently no real evidence that Valve is working on or is planning to release the third installment for the Half Life 3 franchise.

Check out the music here.

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