Half Life 2 Could Have Been Amazing

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It wasn’t like Half Life 2 was bad but looking at the what Alistair McNally have come out with had is all thinking that the game could have been a lot better if only Valve was interested in it.

Alistair McNally, an artist for EA created a concept screenshot of what Half-Life 2 could like like as a next gen title back in 2005. It screenshot was created to showcase to both Valve and EA.

Keeping with the original design, the artist made a few major changes to the visual quality of the game and what we got was a game and looks like it would have been amazing.

Of course, the upgrade version of Half-Life 2 was never made but we wished it was. At this point, most of the fans have already given up the idea of ever seeing a new Half-Life game and to be honest, it might be best that way.

After years of begging, the expectation for the game would be impossible to meet now and it might actually be best if Valve just announces that there is not going to be a Half-Life 3 and put it to rest for good.

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