Gwent: PS4 Player Chance To Be Appall By Graphics

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For those that did not get to try out the new Gwent game from CDPR on PC, you can now try it out on your PS4 as the game will be offered for free this weekend.

It was announced that the card game will be open for beta testing this weekend on the PS4. The best part is that all PS4 users are welcome to try it out as you won’t need a PlayStation Plus subscription to get the beta version.

This is just a Technical Beta build which means you can make your own decks, play the tutorial and online casual matches but you won’t be able to buy items with real currency. At the end of the testing period, everything will be deleted.

While we are excited to try it out on the PS4, the game has been getting mixed reviews from the PC players. While most of them think that the game itself is pretty fun and interesting, they feel like CDPR still needed to do more with the graphic of the game.

Many players thinks that the Gwent in Witcher 3 looked a lot better than the standalone game. The Card game looks messier now so hopefully, CDPR will get that sorted out before they release the game.

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