Gwent: Master Mirror Expansion New Character Revealed

Gwent, the card game in Witcher 3 which was later turned into an actual card game will be getting an expansion soon and this time, the expansion will bring in a new character.

Called the Master Mirror expansion, the new expansion will bring Gaunter O’Dimm into the game. Along with the announcement was the new trailer that showed that O’Dimm has been working behind the scene for a long time and now he is ready to set into the light.

The new expansion will come with 70 new cards including some faction-specific cards and new Legendary card. There will also be 11 new neutral cards, new statuses, and abilities as well. Those that pre-order it now will get the Gaunter O’Dimm skin and an evolving cardback.

While the game is still active on PC now, the PS4 and Xbox One version stop getting support earlier this year.