GTFO Will Appeal To Loss Left 4 Dead Fans?

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While there have been a few other games that offer a similar game style as Left 4 Dead, there have not actually been one that people would say can take the place of L4D but some people think the upcoming GTFO might do the job.

We did see parts of the game during E3 and the developers are showing us more now at Gamescom 2018. The dev also talked about how important teamwork will be in the game and that player will really have to work together if they want to make it pass the levels.

The people behind the game are the same people behind popular games like PayDay 2 so there is a lot of high hopes for the game. From what we have seen so far, it does feel like Left 4 Dead but with the horror, aspect tuned up.

The game will be coming in as a PC game and is expected to arrive later this year.