GTA 5: Rockstar Stirring Up Fan Rage Over Hushness Of PS4 & Xbox 720 Rumors

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One of the most wanted games of this year is GTA 5 and fans heard bad news when the game was put back, which means now they will have to wait another six months, as it has been said that the game will be released on 17th of September.

The game will be coming out for the Xbox 360 and the PS3, but some fans are now wondering if the game may come out on the next generation consoles.

Sony revealed the PS4 and now fans are waiting for Microsoft to do the same, this could be at the E3, that’s if Microsoft don’t hold another event for the console before then. Fans will not be able to  play older games on the PS4 and fans of the Microsoft console have been left waiting to find out if the same will apply to them with the release of the Xbox 720.

But if this were to happen why would GTA 5 have come out on the older consoles? It could be that fans would buy the game in September and the new consoles would be released two months later, and the older games might not work on either the PS4 or the Xbox 720.

Could it be that Rockstar set the game back as they have inside information? However, if they knew something that we didn’t why wouldn’t they release GTA 5 on the Xbox 720 and the PS4, instead of the PS3 the Xbox 360. If it was released on the old consoles and fans were not able to play the game on the next generation consoles, people may stick with the older consoles and this would impact sales on the newer ones.

At the moment these are just rumour of course and the Xbox 720 hasn’t been announced, while the PS4 has just been revealed, but it is not on sale.

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