GTA 5 Fans Queasy Over New Xbox 720 & PS4 Contemplation Rumors

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Without doubt one of the most anticipated games of 2013 will be GTA 5. Fans however had bad news when the game was put back and now it will not be released for another six months. It is now thought that the game will be coming out on 17th September.

It should be available for the Xbox 360 along with the PS3, however some fans are feeling sick at the thought that it may be delivered on the next generation consoles.

The PS4 has now been revealed and all that’s left is for Microsoft to announce their console. We could see this at the E3 in June, providing Microsoft do not hold an event just for the console. We now know that older games will not be playable on the PS4 and we now have to wait and see if the same will apply to games on the Xbox 720.

If it were to turn out this way why would GTA 5 has been released on the older generation of consoles?. This would mean fans getting the game in September, while the new consoles would be released in December; only to find that the game would not work on either of the new consoles.

It could be that Rockstar have delayed the game as they know something that we don’t. But then if this is the case why not release the game on the next generation consoles as opposed to the older ones? If it were to come out on the older ones and gamers could not play the game on the new consoles this could have an impact on sales of the new consoles. This could lead to fans choosing their old consoles over the new ones.

At the moment all of this is speculation of course as the Xbox 720 has not been revealed and PS4 has just debuted but not on sale just yet.

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