GTA 5 Teetering On PS4 & Xbox 720 Border, Fans Uncomfortable

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One of the most wanted games of the year is GTA 5 and we cannot wait for it. However we have to as the game has now been put back and we have another 6 months to wait for its arrival. The game was thought to be making its way out in the spring and now it will be 17th September. It will out for the Xbox 360 and the PS3, but fans are having nightmares at the thought that it could go onto the next generation consoles.

Sony has announced the PS4 and now we are waiting to hear from Microsoft. They could launch their next gen console at the E3, which is held in June. That’s if they don’t hold a special event before this. Older games cannot be played on the PS4, now we have to wait to find out if the same applies to the Xbox 720 when that is launched.

If this is true then why GTA 5 would be released on the older consoles? Gamers would end up getting the game in September and then the consoles could be on the shelves in December and find that the game doesn’t work on either the PS4 or the Xbox 360.

Rockstar may have delayed the game if they have an insight into the game being released before 17th September. However if they know this then why are they not releasing it on the next gen consoles instead of the old ones? If they did reveal it on the older ones and it wouldn’t work on the next consoles then surely this was negatively impact sales of the next generation consoles. People may stick with the older consoles in order to play the game.

Of course we don’t know what may happen with the Xbox 720 as the console hasn’t been launched yet. So what do you think might happen?

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