GTA V Release Date Excitement Extinguished On FB

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Last week we saw that GTA V has got Facebook. The page was created months ago but only just got launched, and this launch meant that people liked it in droves – 10,000 in one day, no less! The following day we told everyone about the GTS A FB page going live, and also noted that it had 25,000 likers by then.

Rockstar has gone all coy on its GTA V Facebook page

It’s understandable that 25,000-plus people would like Rockstar’s FB page, as the company will be putting out news from there – including the official GTA V release date. However….there’s been total silence ever since it went live, with the last message on it dating back to August reports Product-Reviews.

There’s nearly 35,000 likers out there now already who are waiting patiently for GTA V, so where is Rockstar? The like-rate has fallen a bit – 10,000 in two days now. This is still a good rate, but nowhere near what you’d expect when a release is imminent.

Companies make FB pages to communicate with their customers, so hopefully this is a weird accident and Rockstar will start using the page next week. The page went live for a reason, namely the GTA V release date, after all. Maybe someone hit the “go live” button a bit prematurely, as with the trailer reveal?

We can’t wait to see the second GTA V trailer, as it should include gameplay and character clues, as well as features. So come on, Rockstar….your likers are waiting!

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