GTA 6: To Include Cuba & Jamaica In Map Would Involve A Lot Of Sailing (Reddit)

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Nobody really knows what Rockstar plans to offer in GTA6, in fact, we don’t even know if there is going to be a GTA 6 although fans most believe there will be.

If Rockstar does work on a new Grand Theft Auto game, where do you think the game will be set in this time. Some fans suggested that Rockstar should consider having a map that is the scaled down version of the U.S Gulf Coast.

That means we will get Miami, New Orleans, Houston and maybe Mexico Coty and the islands for Cuba and Jamaica. We do like the sound of the idea but having a map like that probably means that there is going to be a lot of sailing involved in the new game.

It would also mean that the game is going to be huge and at this point, it does seem like an impossible task for Rockstar so we don’t think it is going to happen but we do like the idea of it.

What do you think the next GTA 6 game will offer?

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