GTA 6 Leaked Release Date Has Concrete Evidence Behind It As Well

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Talks and rumors about the GTA 6 have been going on for some time now so it is hard to determine which is real and which is not but this looks like something we could get onboard on.

According to the reports, the next Grand Theft Auto game could be set in Vice City and South America. Although Vice City is not new, the South America part will be so fans will have a new place to explore.

The name of the project is suspected to be Project Americas now which some people think is a good indication that we will be going to the two continents in this game.

It was also added that the game will only be arriving in 2022 which is a long time to wait. There were also talks about the game possibly coming with a female protagonist this time around or at least there will be a female character that we can control in the game.

What do you think of the direction of the game so far?

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