GTA 6: It’s Not Japan If There Isn’t Any Boobs

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Looks like GTA 5 players would have something much more interesting to look forward to, rather than the upcoming DLC in the next few months. GTA 6 is still in the works but the latest rumour mill suggests that the gameplay would include a whole lot of awesome features (note: hot).

That being said, the developer for GTA 6 might include the possibility of featuring new, larger guns, a big-breasted female protagonist and will be based in none other than the land of the rising sun a.k.a. Japan. Probably they could include some kawaii Japanese girls too, you know, just to justify that it’s Japan and all.

GTA 5 was set in an entire state of San Andreas, but GTA 6 would apparently go country level, which means you’ll be free to roam the whole of Japan. We’re probably going to say goodbye to the air tickets for now. And did we mention who will be voicing the female protagonist? It’s Eva Mendes, and probably it wouldn’t be surprising for some as her real-life partner, Ryan Gosling is also rumoured to voice the lead protagonist in the game.

Anybody had a sudden reminder that this could be very similar to that of the Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift? We just know that we certainly couldn’t wait.

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