GTA 6: First Major ‘Bombshell’ Drops

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Is Rockstar working on GTA 6? Well apparently so, if you can believe a report that is working its way around, but it seems that at the moment the game doesn’t have a location.

But not everyone believes the rumour that GTA 6 is in production. In fact many believe that sites post articles just to catch the eye of those waiting for the game, to get people to visit the site. This is nothing new of course and it isn’t the first time it has happened, nor will it be the last.

However, a report has been going around that does suggest that GTA 6 is in production and it was said to have been generated after comments made by someone who is close to Rockstar. It didn’t say who that source was however.

It was also suggested that at the moment there isn’t a location for the game, but it is thought that the game will remain based in the US. So what exactly do we know about it?

Well nothing much and of course Rockstar will be making another game in the series as it is one of the most popular games to have been released and gamers flock to buy the latest one. So it doesn’t take a genius to say that Rockstar will release GTA 6.

It isn’t hard to believe that the location will remain in the US too as it wouldn’t really be the same if it was based around the streets of the UK. Rockstar will be releasing GTA 6 that there is no doubt, the only thing we don’t know is whether they are working on it right now and when it will be released.

At the moment the report that they are working on production of GTA 6 is nothing more than just speculation.

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