GTA 5: Potential Change Of Plans To Xbox 720 & PS4 Has Fans Queasy

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One of the games that are the most anticipated for this year is GTA 5. However the release date for the game has now been put back by 6 months. The game was thought to be coming out some time in spring, but now it will be 17th September. It is said to be coming to the PS3 and the Xbox 360, but fans worry that it might be heading to the next gen consoles.

Sony may be revealing their next gen console, the PS4, on 20th February. Microsoft however could launch theirs at the E3, which takes place in June. However they could hold out and launch it as a separate event before this. It has also been suggested that used games will not be playable on the next generation consoles, and this would also apply to older discs from the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

So why might GTA 5 be released on the consoles we have at present if this is set to happen? People might get the game when it is released in September, only to find out when the next generation consoles are out in December that the game doesn’t work on the new consoles. Is it possible that this scenario may happen?

It is possible that Rockstar have delayed the game due to the fact that they know the next gen consoles will be coming out before 17th September. But if this is true why would they want to release their latest game on the older consoles and not the new ones? If the game was released and it could not be used on the new consoles, surely there would be uproar from gamers. This of course could negatively affect the sales of Sony and Microsoft with their new consoles. People playing the game may want to stick with the older consoles so that they can play it.

Of course right now there is nothing certain about the specs of the upcoming consoles. It is worrying to gamers though when there are rumours floating around about used games and old ones, not working on the new consoles. Are you worried that your stock of games might not be playable on the next generation consoles?

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