GTA 5 Trailer Graphics Actual Gameplay Footage? (Answers)

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Fans of GTA will by now have seen the trailer 2 for GTA 5, which was released by Rockstar last week. The trailer features some dazzling graphics and they are very impressive indeed. Those who have no idea of the trailer format of Rockstar have been asking if they are real in-game graphics. Rockstar has given the answer to this question for anyone who was wondering.

GTA 5 Trailer 2 footage is real gameplay footage

All hardcore fans of the game will know that all of the visuals and graphics in the trailers are in-game graphics and have been developed from running the game in real time.

There has been silence for some time from Rockstar, however with the trailer having come out the developer has now started to take part in community chats, typically answering questions that have been asked by fans.

If you watch the trailer 2 and stop it at 0.38 you can see what breath-taking graphics the fans are talking about. Here you can see the train pulling into Los Santos and there is also a bus and a pedestrian in the view, all of this is in real-time. Another clip that is amazing is when Michael is abseiling down the side of the office block. This is mind boggling to think that you can do this and it is not a cut-scene.

So what about the train jump towards the end, you may be asking, well going by the statement from Rockstar, this too has to be in-game graphics.

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