GTA 5 Trailer 1-Year Anniversary Today, Time For A Second Peek?

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The last release of a trailer for GTA V was one year ago. This has led people to wonder if there will a second trailer for GTA V being released very soon.

GTA V trailer 1st year anniversary approaches

Rockstar announced GTA V this time last year and put their logo on their homepage, and this pointed to the release of their first trailer for the game. Now news and leaks have started to mount up as there have been more of them in the last months than all of 2012. GTA V artwork has been the latest thing to tease fans of the game and gamers have embraced it with open arms.

However fans are still waiting for trailer 2 for the up and coming GTA 5. It is thought that this may be launched along with the magazine exclusive, which would go towards building up the hype. Not that much hype is needed to be drummed up for it though.

The 2nd November is the actual anniversary date of the first video trailer. Therefore many fans have been saying that this will be the date when the second trailer is officially released.

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