New GTA 5 Teaser Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

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We had gone weeks without hearing anything at all about GTA 5, however last week it was a landslide as a ton of new intel came from Rockstar within days. This came about after there was a help request sent out to GTA 5 crews, which is the official Facebook channel, and now an illustration for GTC V has made its way to the blog to satisfy our appetites.

New GTA 5 teaser picture is immersive

Rockstar have includes lots of teases and subtle hints over the past couple months and the latest is the illustration below that came with a small tag line that said “get ready” for “ lots” of info in November. Following this the blog got around 2,000 comments in the space of just 2 hours!

It seems that one of the most wanted thing is still an official GTA 5 release date. Considering the amount of interest that has been sparked it might not be long before this is revealed.

It is thought that this info will be posted in the magazine as an exclusive next month. However the news will be online shortly after it is posted in the magazine so it makes no difference. It is also thought that the GTA V release date will appear on the Facebook page after the exclusive has broken. Check out the illustration below which in my opinion is one of the boldest released yet.

GTA 5 teaser screenshot

GTA 5 teaser screenshot

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