GTA 5: Story DLC Rumors Put To Rest

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The fans of the game Grand Theft Auto 5 have been begging for a story based DLC for the single-player mode of the game for some time now but so far, Rockstar only seems to be interested in releasing DLCs for the Online multiplayer mode.

However, this started to get a little more exciting earlier this year when some fans reported that they found some files that indicated that a story based DLC is on its way.

Fans were, even more, convinced that a story base DLC was on its way when the actor for Franklin posted a picture of himself wearing a motion tracking suit chilling at Rockstars office on Instagram.

However, the actor for Michael, Ned Luke has now stepped out to say that he knows nothing about a story base DLC. the message was posted on Facebook where the actor said that everybody wants to see a single player DLC but added that he knows nothing about it and do not know when it will happen.

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