Official GTA 5 Release Date Tied To Super Bowl Extravaganza?

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One of this year’s most anticipated games could have been disguised in the form of a commercial for the Super Bowl, at least according to unfounded speculations.

GTA 5 release date saved for Super Bowl commercial?

The Super Bowl is the largest sporting event in the US and it is around the corner. There have been rumours about GTA 5 putting in an appearance at the Super Bowl now. The folks over at S&R have based this prediction from fan comments apparently and think that there is no better time to reveal the GTA 5 release date. Here is one of the comments they highlighted:

NONative said – This years 30 sec ad is 3.8 million dollars, up 300,000 from last year. As we see it as a waste of money, marketing would see it as prime rib marketing ploy. The most anticipated game of 2013 being advertised at half time of the most watched sports event in the United States, it’s possible.

Do you think GTA 5 will make an appearance during the Super Bowl? Or do you think the blog is off with their predictions given that Rockstar have never used the Super Bowl to unveil any of their titles?

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