GTA 5 Slipping Into Xbox 720 & PS4 Territory Keeping Fans Awake At Night

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GTA 5 happens to be one of the most anticipated games for this year, even though its release date has been put back by 6 months. It was due to come out in spring and now it will be 17th September instead. The game is coming out on the Xbox 360 and the PS3, however fans have a fear that it could be playable on the next generation consoles.

Sony have been said to be announcing the PS4 on 20th February, while it is thought that Microsoft may launch their console as E3 in June or hold a separate event just before. There has also been a suggestion that gamers will not be able to play used games on the consoles, which includes old discs from the Xbox 360 and the PS4.

If this should happen you have to ask why GTA 5 would be released for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Gamers could buy the game in September and then find out in December that it will not work on the next gen consoles. So could we reach a situation where this could happen?

Could it be that Rockstar have delayed the game as they know that the new consoles will be out before 17th September? But then why would they release the game on the consoles and not the Xbox 720 or the PS4? There would be a great deal of uproar from people if the game was released and then it couldn’t be played on the next gen consoles. It could have a negative effect on the hardware of Sony and Microsoft sales, if people who had bought the GTA 5 game remained with their current consoles to play it.

At the moment there is nothing certain when it comes to the specs of the consoles, however it is worrying gamers that every week we hear rumours about older discs not been playable on the next gen consoles. So what do you think about the situation and are you worried about whether you would be able to play your old games or not?

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